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New infrared cabin enlarges the service package

Since February 2017, our house offers the use of a custom-made infrared cabin for our guests. Up to two persons at once can enjoy the pleasant effect of the infrared radiation on the human body. The warmth which is produced at the skin surface by the infrared radiation, is continually transported to the inward parts of the body by means of the blood circulation. Thereby the core body temperature increases continuously and slowly. In order to reduce "inner warmth", the body begins to gradually raise the blood flow. By means of simple heat conduction the spinal area is locally warmed to the core. The profound infrared warmth strengthens the immune system, raises the circulation and improves the metabolism. Intense sweating supports the purging and detoxication of the body, and tensions as well as back aches are influenced positively. The therapy also promotes weight loss. A stay in the infrared cabin equals a cardiovascular endurance training. Try it yourself!  


Did you forget something or would you like to book any other service? No problem – the Schwarzenberg family will gladly help you out. We offer you the following additional services to complete your stay:

  • Holiday packages from 1 day to 3 weeks (Sächsischen Staatsbäder GmbH)
  • Purchase of beverages directly at the Linde
  • Arrangement of an appointment with the spa-doctor
  • Pick-up at the train station of Bad Elster
  • Arrangement of half board/ full board next door


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